I suppose I should make clear from the start that SaltyCritic is not who I am, but rather a name that is mine. 

It does not characterise a food writing alter-ego that I, Leander Dias, transform into upon entering a restaurant; a proverbial Superman to my Clark Kent. Nor is it purely representative of the nature of my content, describing pieces filled with bitterness and vitriol –  though some, admittedly, may present to do so.  

SaltyCritic is rather a brand that I’ve created, under which I am able to showcase my writing; a website that is dedicated to my gastronomic adventures, didactic and entertaining restaurant reviews, relevant critical pieces and exciting accounts of travels around the world. 

It is here that I track my progress as a food writer, where I seek to continue in the tradition of the incredible food essayists that seem to be dying out…literally.